The Power of Positive Thinking

This was written in the '90s, by my great teacher, Kay Arbon, who is no longer with us in the earth plane . But her thoughts are as true now, and as relevant, as they were when she wrote them:

“ One of the problems of this planet is that it is wrapped in a shroud of negativity of our making, but if everyone would make the attempt to become more positive then the whole world would change.

So! Be positive, always!

Only by a positive approach - always positive - will you be able to survive and overcome all trials and tribulations which will certainly come your way. There will be many who can harm you, many who will do everything in their power to drag you down to their own levels of negativity. The more important to the spiritual progress of this world the individual is, the more temptations and difficulties the soul has to overcome.

The Buddhists believe that this is the World of Illusion and, truly, all life on this level is just that. Only by making full use of the knowledge that is available to us here can we come to the full understanding of this. Now - in this lifetime - is the time to learn, the time to make great strides forward on the spiral of evolution! Now, by making a sincere affirmation to be always positive, will you be able to overcome the delusions and illusions of this sadly used planet.

Mankind is but a shadow - an extension of the Great Oversoul because of, and by whom, we ARE. When all negativity has been washed away can He/She/It/They (whoever or whatever) at last manifest, and mankind become totally human.

Remember! We choose the tasks that confront us BEFORE we enter this body, and no one - NO ONE - ever has more to undertake than they can bear, so get on with it; do it now.

Do it, do it, do it!”

In fact, she used to exhort us, 'Do it, do it, bloody do it!' Her words were written just before the wave of accelerated knowledge and enlightenment that was seeping into the minds and spirits of the many, that inspired a collective leap forward into greater awareness, but it was her words that gave me great protection in my journey through life. Yes, I have encountered harmful people, and I still do, but I have also acquired skills and knowledge to be able to expose them and deflect them. If you have a light that may shine into the world, you will be vilified, you will be demonised; in fact, the more you are, the more you are creating something good. Being positive is your best shield and armour. If you encounter negative people, their jealousy, their hatred, it's a healthy sign that you are on track with your personal evolution. For your journey will surely navigate you away from them, and to a sphere where people of a like mind and positive energy await you.

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