The Moment

The following is an excerpt from a TV Series Above Space and Beyond, at the beginning of the episode, The Angriest Angel, and it's readily available on Youtube at …

It is a soliloquy given by a space marine, Colonel McQueen, determined to vanquish a superior and implacable alien foe dubbed 'Chiggy von Richthofen'. I had watched this very episode the night before I was to fly my Qualifying Cross Country for my Commercial Pilot’s Licence in Florida back in 2000. It has always remained with me and contains much meaning for me:


“Anyone worth a Chig's ass would take responsibility for asking themselves, then answering, 'Who am I, and what is the point?' My name is Colonel Tyrus Cassius McQueen, but I know nothing of who I am. The answer I feel, is near. The defining, perhaps final, moment, is close. Everyone, EVERYONE, in this life knows when THE MOMENT is before them. To turn away is simple. To ignore it, assures survival. But it is an insult to life. Because there can be no redemption, no second chance. Beyond death, there's nothing. Just darkness. Cold. The instant his existence was confirmed, every action, every breath of my life became horrifyingly clear. He's out there tonight, sending our women, our men, to that cold dark place and nothing, NOTHING, will stop him. Until I face The Moment.


The Moment can be the defining point of a psychological battle – when Jung and Freud parted ways, for example. Freud could not encompass Jung's Unconscious or Beingness. The furthest he could go was to project onto him some pissant father complex or death wish, according to the narrative, the fragmented repositories of a suppressed subconscious, rather than tools in an array of Cosmic materials, which Jung had at his disposal, like some ancient Hindu god.


The Moment came when Jung resisted Freud's assertion and projection, even though Freud was 'older and wiser', and had been revered by Jung. Thereafter, Freud strove to keep Jung bound to his illusion, and Jung kept his ground. Extant letters tell the story of the struggle. Jung could have accepted the academic mantle Freud was willing to bestow on him, in order to become accepted within the scientific community, but he would have remained limited. Jung stayed true to himself, accepted the consequences, which was to be rejected by 'scientific authority', and allowed his truth to be. Today, it is universally acknowledged that Jung is one of the greatest minds who ever lived.

Don't buy into anyone else's reality. You'll end up carrying their load. How someone defines you could be a complete falsehood and a shackle to your being. The test is to define yourself, and in order to do so, you may be faced with this very battle.


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